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Vibrating Slimming Belt Fat Burner Belt With 4 Massage Modes & Heating OWAYS

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【360°Massage & Vibration】- Our slimming belt gives off high-frequency vibration that effectively burns body fat. 4 massage modes simulate 32 different motion effects to meet your needs. 4 vibration settings available with up to 6,000 rpm/min.
【Plasticity and Health】- Vibration function can improve your blood circulation, enhance your metabolism and provide healthier bowel movements. It can also help restore your body shape after childbirth. Suitable for all genders.
【ABS Shell & Adjustable Belt】- The machine is made up of top-quality ABS material and the waist belt inner lining is made with polyester fiber mesh which is environmentally friendly & easy to absorb sweat. The waist belt is very flexible and can be adjusted up to 42 inches.
【One to Replace Multiple】- You can put the belt on the area that you would like to focus including your abdomen, shoulders, thighs, waist and more. Using our products with a reasonable diet and appropriate exercise can make your figure line changes more obvious. If you have no need to lose weight, you can also use our product for massaging to relieve fatigue. It’s a new way for you to achieve a perfect slim body.
【Purchase Notes】- Please note that the sound would be a little loud when you adjust to the 3/4 massage mode because there are 6 massage balls on the machine and 3 built-in motivations are working when you use it, also the main machine would be a little heavy for someone, but there are all acceptable for most of the people.

Rilassa electronic slimming belt helps you slim your body without going to the gym by providing a professional oscillating massage with mild heat to not only help you stay fit but also relieve stress, improve physical condition, and promote digestion and bowel movements.

RILASSA Technology Makes You Slim and More healthy

  • There are 3 motor machines installed inside the product, which are respectively on the left, center, and right.
  • The internal configuration is higher, and the slimming effect is more significant.
  • The 3D cycle push technology helps massage your stomach gently.
  • Promote intestinal peristalsis by vibration and massage.
  • Help digestion, and slim down healthier.

Slimming Process

The combination of massage and shaping, bundled design, easy to remove the waist of the bucket, remove excess fat, tighten the back, relax the muscles of the legs and buttocks, reduce the fat, and convenient to use.

Warm the Uterus

The mild heat of the slimming belt can warm your uterus and relieve discomfort during the menstrual period, especially suitable for girls.

One to Replace Multiple

With a reasonable diet and appropriate exercise, a slimming belt can prevent you from taking medicine, avoid long-term exercise without effect, make you healthy and make your charming curve more obvious.

    Item Dimensions

    Vibration Control Size: 10.24*4.72*3.15 inches


    Waist Belt Length: 41.73 inches, Input Voltage: 100-240V, Rated Voltage: 24W, Using time: 20 mins, Internal Device: 3 operation engines


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